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August 31, 2005



I've been checking back from time to time, I knew you would post when your baby was born!

Enjoy your new life- I'm sure it will be filled with wonder :)


A huge congrats, and that sounds like the best kind of woozy ever.


Congrats and thanks for sharing the next chapter in lobster land.

There was quite a baby boom this month!

(Thank goodness for Bloglines, too.)


Fantastic. I never removed you from my bloglines. Congratulations on making it to the other shore.

Anna H.

Congratulations, lobstergirl.



Long may the woozy last - I'm all woozy just thinking about it.

So lovely to read your happy ending lobster girl.




Congratulations, Lobster Girl and Lobster Baby Girl! What wonderful news.


I'd been checking on you all month, hoping for the good news!



congrats !!! on your baby girl I am very happy for you.. our daughters are less then a month apart


Congrats on the new addition to your family!




Sweetie, I am so so happy for you. Congratulations, Mommy Lobster.


Here's to happy endings...and new beginnings.

Congrats to you and mister lobster on your daughter. Glad to hear all is well.

Take care :-)


So glad you had a happy ending. I'm hoping things have continued to go well with your beautiful girl.


My baby girl was born on August 10,2005! our daughters are almost 2 weeks apart. I have a website if you would like to see it just email me. Congradulations on your little girl.. What did you name her? How much did she weight? Life for me is so different...


I was thinking of you and decided to check back, albeit a bit late. I was certain you'd closed the shop for good so I missed the final update. What wonderful, wonderful news. I hope you are all healthy, happy and doing well. You are missed!


Hey Lobster Girl (yelling) Since it is that scrumptious daughters birthday could you honour us with a post - please......




Hey LG - you still out there? Even after all this time?

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I got thrown out to sea and finally ended up on the other shore. And boy what a beautiful place it is. Peace.

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