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April 02, 2005



What a beautiful post. I love the thought that you don't feel alone anymore. x

So long, Lobster Girl. My favorite quote at the momentas agift for your new journey "no-one has ever discovered new lands without first having the courage to let old horizons fade completely from view" Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Thanks for the Box.


I just wanted to say I am here if you want to talk about your pregnancy. I have had 5 miscarriages and am finally pregnant due August 17,2005. Ultrasound to determine sex is april 20. I am 20w4d and will be 23weeks the day of ultrasound. Hoping for a girl. It was hard when I find out i was pregnant and the babyless friends i had turned away from me but i do understand their feeling. i just wish they could share this pregnancy with me. It is so amazing but still very scary to me. Please email if you want to talk. Thanks for a great blog. I have read it and really am so happy for you! What name did you decide on? Take care and please let me know when baby is born..... Lorene


I'll miss you, but I am so glad that you are in such a happy place.
I hope you will stay in touch in one way or another - as you are keeping typepad until you baby is here I hope you'll post pictures?
In any case, thanks for a very good run, and all the best to you in the coming months : )


Best of luck to you and your little girl.


Dear Lobster Girl:
Please keep in touch and let us know that eveything turned out well for you. I may have not commented before but I've been reading your blog and your comments throughout the blogworld. Good luck.


So glad you've reclaimed the happiness you deserve and no longer feel alone. Sometimes I find myself feeling pretty normal too (which is so nice) but then I'll hit a small bump that reminds me I'm high-risk. Despite that reality, I'm so incredibly happy to have the normal milestones--first kicks, hiccups, etc.--and I'm glad you are too. You deserve every wonderful moment.

Will check in in August to see how you and your girl are faring. In the meantime, my and my girl (due 7/8) will be thinking of you both and hoping for a continued beautiful experience in your journey. I'll miss your 'voice.'


I, too, will miss reading your updates, but I am so glad that you have found that you feel comfortable in your pregnancy and that you have a connection around you. Please send me e-mails sometimes with updates- I want to hear everything. Good luck with the remaining weeks and do give a big holler when your dear little girl makes her debut!

Best wishes!


*sniff sniff* I will miss you, I have really enjoyed ya posts...Im due with my second when u are .. or around there.. Id love to hear from u and to know everything went well and we know it will.. good luck with your pregnancy.. enjoy every second of it...cuz when that lil girl is born your heart will leave your body and go directly into hers...its hard to describe but you will know when it happens.. Ill keep checking in and prolly read your posts over.. woulda made a good book..*smiles*


So sad to see you go...but I understand.

You'll be missed, sorely.

Keep in touch!


So sorry to see you go, but I completely understand why.

Revel in your normalcy, in the beauty of your pregnancy and the little girl who will soon change your whole world.

Blessings to you both.


Sad to see you go but I can understand why. Best of luck to you (& the wee one!) :)


I will miss reading...if you get another blog please let me know! Good luck.


Off into the Sunset....I hope I'm not too far behind you....

Thanks for writing, and for lurking, and I hope you have a NORMAL pregnancy and delivery. Because God knows, you've earned it....


I lurked here only, but it feels weird not to know now how the baby is doing. Looking forward to August, for the update. Godspeed!


I'm sorry to see you go too, but I am happy to hear that you finally feel like you've regained a sense of normalcy in your life. Please update us when the baby comes and let us know how you are all doing.

Take good care of yourself and your new family, know that we are all very happy for you.


I will also be sad to see your site go away... I stumbled upon it when I was in an "almost dark place" a couple of months ago and your writing made me laugh and cry and feel SO MUCH BETTER!! So... thank you :) You & I have had some of the same experiences so I found I could really relate to what you were writing, esp. your posting on the whole "drinking wine"... I could so relate to it!! LOL

I think you should save all of your writings... for later on. It's too good to let it just vanish :)

Thanks again and good luck!!


Good luck to you... and best wishes to your new family.


Lobster girl (my always-favorite seacreature girl)

I'm sorry you're leaving--and I will miss you. Good luck to you, my friend. I am so glad you are in this happy place.

Love, Karen


How are things with you and baby girl. I had my ultrasound on the 20th of april and found out I am having a girl! i am so happy. I am 34 weeks and 5 days. Due 8/17/05. BabyGirl is growing! I have gained 23 pounds so far. I lost 9 pounds the first 2 months but dr does not count that in the total weight. I am doing good but getting hard to sleep at night. How far along are you now. Have you thought of a name for your little girl. I like the name Emily but spell it Emilie. I also like Alissa. Not sure yet. Email me please. I still check your blog to see if you had updated it.


Today is d-day !!!

Wishing you and your family lots of happy moments. Hang in there and let us all know the big news.

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