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March 15, 2005



I am so happy for the good results and the news that you're having a girl! This is simply wonderful!


Hot damn and hallelujah! wonderful news.


What beautiful news! Congratulations!




so v v happy for you, wonderful news



That is just super. Congratulations!


Lovely news, and a little girl. Wallow in the sheer pleasure. And please hurry up with the Box I have arm loads to send already and can't wait to find something pink.



HEALTHY has to be one of the prettiest words there are, in every language. I'm very happy for you all.


Sitting here so very happy for you and so very teary! What wonderful news...I'm so relieved to hear that all is well with the sprite and thrilled to learn that she's a girl. Your post brought me back to the day I received that phone call myself and heard the most beautiful words in the world. So glad you did too. And you're right...everything did look more beautiful that day...including 46XX.


Congratulations! That's amazing news. I'm so happy for you.


Congratulations on your daughter! :-)

Tracy B

Congratulations--I hope everything goes swimmingly until you bring her home, and then, too!!

B Mare

Late with catching up with you but congrats on your small femal lobster baby. I am so glad the news was good.


Congrats...Im so so happy for you...woo hoo a little girl.. how nice...I can find out what mine is in 4 days.. maybe we will both be on the pink team.. again... congrats =-)


Beautiful news!!!


A girl! Congratulations!

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