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March 10, 2005



There are too many of us, trying to get through all this behind closed doors.
I read on someone's blog, early on in my blog-lurking, that we go through IF "trying to pass for normal." True, you never know what pain someone has been through.

Oh, and a 'bite me' from me to your co-worker, I am 37 and still trying for #2.


It is a type of hidden existence. There are people who know my whole tale and others who have no idea that we've done IVF. As much as I want to make the world know to try and ease the topic into mainstream (yes, I can do that singlehandedly, did't you know?) there are people that I just don't tell.

And what is up with asking about kid #2 when kid #1 is not even born? I've had the same experience. I love screwing them up by saying that we'll be adopting (which we will).


I think bite me was tame. I would have used some "mindyourownmotherfuckingbusiness,youdon't knowjackshit" type of language myself.


Hmmm...I don't know. Do you think maybe she asked you in a "would you put yourself through this again?" kind of way?
If she didn't, then I chime in with a "bite me!"

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