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February 01, 2005



I'll chant with you: nothing to worry about...

I wish you could have gotten into the doctor's, just to ease your mind. Hoping for a nice, loud heartbeat this weekend.


Hi, just another pregnant lady passing by. My doctor checked for a hb with the doppler at 11 weeks 4 days and nothing. Less than a week later we heard the rapid whoosh whoosh whoosh of that lovely heartbeat. I have a little extra chub, so nothing doing before 12 weeks. I go back this week at 13 and hope we hear it again.
Good luck with your doppler this weekend!

B Mare

Please don't fret little lobstery one. Soon you will have the whoosh whoosh. Meditate on the whoosh whoosh coming. And be well.


Those kids can be elusive - at my last OB appt, the doctor kept losing the heartbeat because her hand would slip just a fraction of an inch - also the baby seemed to be moving around. All I'm trying to say is, often you have to hit the *exact spot* to hear it, and that can be really hard.

Good luck!


Couldn't hear the heartbeat on this current baby until almost 14 weeks. I knew something was going on, though, because I kept getting fatter and fatter (second pregnancy). The midwife told me ahead of time that since I have a "deep pelvis" it would take longer for them to hear the heartbeat.


Joining this waaaay late but will second that:
a) you should NOT PANIC if you don't hear it for a couple of weeks (or even a little more)
b) lie flat
c) use TONS and TONS of gel. Do not skimp!
The baby is still really tiny - it could be anywhere and it just needs to get a little bigger.

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