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February 12, 2005



just another infertile here. found your site today. That's great that you heard the heartbeat. whishing you all the best and hoping one day to be one of those pregnant infertiles like you!


Oh that is great news. You must be ecstatic - and what does DH say - can he hear it too. Big grin Lobster, a big fat cheesey grin. I am so happy for you.x


Sweet relief my friend! So glad to hear the news--that's great! Now get off the computer and go listen to that sweet sound!!



Wonderful news! So glad that you finally found that soothing music!


"Exquisite joy and nagging anxiety, all in the space of about two minutes."

My daughter is 7 now, and that is one of the best descriptions of being a parent I've ever read. Get used to it is right, babe.

So glad you found the heartbeat. May the rest of your pregnancy be anxiety-free (as possible).


Thank goodness! It's about time you get some relief, my friend.

B Mare

This is good. I hope you can de-stress a little bit to the sound of those wonderful bpms.


Delurking to say YES! I knew it was there somewhere!


You guys rock. So Mr Lobster is nesting is he, charting up to-do lists. L_O_V_E_L_Y x

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