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February 18, 2005



Congratulations! Enjoy spreading your news. 8 IUIs- wow. I couldn't get on the rollercoaster after my third one failed. We will see how I feel after a few months off.


Congratulations on coming out of the closet : )
Yes, very different vibes with OB/gyns than REs. But I feel the same way - all I care about is their competence in delivering a healthy baby. For all the lovin' I still trade emails with my RE, who is way more excited about the baby than my OB/GYN.
Congratulations again on ending the first trimester - go baby go!


My OBs office is also my usual stop for the yearly oil change and tune-up, so I was glad to at least know the doctor in advance. They do round you through everyone in the practice, but with only 5 people, that's not too bad. Surprisingly, even with the semi-large practice, the ladies at the desk and some of the nurses know my name right when I walk up. And I don't even call a lot or anything! :-) I have to admit that's pretty great. I hope your OB relationship warms up a bit over the next few months, but I agree- just get a healthy baby out of it and all's good.

Congrats on reaching the first trimester milestone!


I'm going to speak up from the camp of women who haven't been conditioned to accept less than they deserve by IF. If there's something that bugs you about your OB, just switch. She's not the only game in town, and you do NOT want to realize in the last few weeks (or in the delivery room!) that you don't have the same philosophy. I know right now you're just so grateful to be pregnant that that's all that seems to matter, but having heard a number of horror stories of OBs who made women cry during labor, forced them into choices they wouldn't have made, made them feel inadequate about their bodies during the pregnancy and/or delivery, and cut episiotomies for 6-pound babies, I just want to remind you that they are merely service providers.

Think about having the most annoying woman at your office in the delivery room with you at the most vulnerable moment of your life. Then imagine that you're paying her $10,000 to be there. If you don't like your OB *for any reason* but especially because you don't feel like you "click," start looking for a new one and think about switching. You deserve not only to have a healthy baby but also to have a good experience. Especially after the dehumanizing experience of IF.


Congrats on reaching the second trimester! We waited until then to go public too so I know what you're facing: a piece of cake though somewhat nervewracking too. Good luck as you share the wonderful news!


Maybe its different over there but here you spend the whole labour with the midwife and then OB comes in for the last 5 minutes. I hear what Moxie is saying but personally I'm a stickler for the devil you know rather than hopping around too much and landing with someone worse. Demand more info but don;t stress too much if you're not big mates.

Well done on the big milestone - Are you guys going to attempt an antenatal class ?


So what...... this is becoming a weekly log? Post already you lazy, pregnant lobster.

Shame, are you worn out these days ?

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I couldn't get on the rollercoaster after my third one failed. We will see how I feel after a few months off.

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