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February 24, 2005



I will miss you if you go. Congrats again, and I wish you a completely normal second and third trimester.


Dont got I enjoy you.. can we make a deal yanno.. maybe once the baby is here and we can all read your lovely birth story..ok well if you do go.. good luck and you will be missed


I got a big lump in my throat to hear how you are feeling. Not quiet because you are in a cave, but quiet because you are in a god place. I am so so happy for you *three*.

You DO write so eloquently, reading that I was nodding and getting it, I can't fault your argument but like the others I'd like to read your progress, hear how its going. So if you do decide to leave town for a bit or forever please send us all a postcard now and again.


ahem....that would be a good place not a god place (shitty spellchecker)


Another reader who would miss your words. I am glad, though, to hear that you are thinking of your pregnancy as normal. It's a hard place to get to as an infertile. It took me a very long time to get there, and there are days when I relapse. I wish all the best for you.

And if you do decide to say goodbye, please keep my e-mail and drop a line sometimes!


Please don't go! We really enjoy reading you writing. Besides, I'm looking forward to your progress and see how's everything...


I'll miss you if you go. But I am so happy that you're starting to feel normal. That is a wonderful thing. Love you.

B Mare

If you go, I'll wish you good luck and godspeed. Blogging doesn't have to be forever- I know what you mean about finding the right time to bow out. That said, I hope you stick around for awhile longer so we can hear how you are doing.


I hope you don't go, but understand if you decide to leave. For a while. And then come back.
I am so glad you have this peace in your life now.


Well I just got here so maybe I got no right to suggest this, but I'm gonna anyways because you do seem to be a pretty good writer. Besides there needs to be some happy stories out there with good endings. But of course just ignore this if you want to. My suggestion is to open a new blog about parenting (something you will hopefully be doing) and have a link to this page on that blog and a link to that blog on this page. Those readers who find themselves ready to move on with you can, those new readers that find you who may need to know the rest of the story will be able to. And while you are not finding that you need the blogging outlet right this minute (yay for you that is sooo goood!!) you might find like many new parents the need later on. I wish you luck with everything.

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