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January 06, 2005



You're so funny. It sounds like blissful sleep tho' and, my dear friend I am so glad about that. So, so glad. I'm on my way over to see the brand new babes of T, will blow them a kiss from you too.


I was completely, brain-numbingly fatigued for about the first 8 or 9 weeks. I took a nap every afternoon after getting home from work and went to bed by 9 or 10 each night, only to wake up in the night, unable to fall back asleep for hours. You're definitely not alone in that regard.

But I think what they say is true--the fatigue abates somewhat the farther along you get. I'm just starting the second trimester and I'm no longer needing a nap every day and basically sleeping through the nights (though still going to bed at 9 or 10), including the nightly trip(s) to pee.

I'm so glad you're tired though and lovin' every minute of it--you deserve this joy! Enjoy it and know that a lot of us are thinking of you!


Congratulations! Progesterone has as a side effect "sleep disturbances" so that might be why you are tired/not able to sleep.


Night night, friend. :)

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