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January 27, 2005



Well, that's irritating as hell. I think I would have hadd no choice but to blurt it out -- I am in awe of your discretion. :)


I am soooooo jealous that you have six months. I just have the FMLA 12 weeks unpaid leave. I'll take it, mind you, but I would go crazy to have more time. Of course, it also looks like you'll be hearing about the leave for the next seven months, which kinda sucks. My coworkers are more than excited about everything, for my boss (female), it's simply an inconvenience that must be dealt with (because the law says so).

I am always torn about revealing the long road of infertility. Part of me wants the world to know because there are to many asshats that have no idea how hard it can be. Then there is the side of me that doesn't want the same asshats saying- "Oh, there goes Dish's daughter/son"- (and then in hushed tones) "she had to use IVF." I don't want to label my child via the morons of the world. It's a tough call.


But see, the sprite DID plan it and tell them that it was intentional on their part ;) Yeah, I don't know whether to be annoyed or flattered -- annoyed because of the obvious -- you went through hell to get here, but flattered because they think you just pee on a stick, la la la.

'whatever', that's there problem, let them own it.

Six months is fantastic! Good for you.


Well, I would have told them, because it would have made the woman look like an ass.

But that's just me.


I'd have to say something, to make them feel horrible for having such terrible thoughts!

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