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January 22, 2005



my son is autistic.. I dont believe for a second.. he was born this way.. neither do some of his docs... he did talk... and was developmentaly perfect until the age of 16 months.. I didnt let that stop me from gettin pregnant again.. altho it was a 5 yr and it seems your jes a few weeks behind me.. god wont give you more then you can handle... remember that and you will be fine..if you do get the amnio do you plan to find out the sex?

Jen P

Good luck with the genetics counselling. We chose to have the NT done first, as a general guideline (plus, it was another ultrasound to see the wee one) and we had all these tenative plans. If the NT is bad, we'll do the AFP/MSS and then the amnio. If it's good...well, ha ha...that'd be a freaking miracle, right?

Well, it was good. Really good. But our system doesn't test for things like Neural Tube Defects (which I have a familial history of) now we've hit that road again. Now, the answers can only be 'really, really' bad things.

We get a good 2 weeks to decide and I hope you get some good, quality guidance in your journey. Ours has been a total hodgepodge and it makes me question everything. We can't elect to do the amnio unless we get + markers in the AFP/ I just don't know.

Gah. Wishing you lots of luck.


i have no advice or experience to share. as a good friend always says "you could argue either way equally convincingly". i don't think there is a right or wrong, you will chose the option that "feels" appropriate at the time (altho I'm sure you'll be filled with doubt either way). i wish you lots of patience and persepctive while you consider the options, it's hard enough to decide for yourself (but then still factor in a partners sentiments !!).

i do love the pic (thanks for sharing it)


no time for long comment
but i've had both cvs and amnio so mail away if yoou have any questions



Beautiful picture, there! I know nothing about all the testing -- just wishing you luck and peace as you and hubby work through these tough decisions. Also, more than anything, I'm hoping that these questions aren't an issue at all.


My sister is 44 is going through much of what you've just stated. She refused to have the amnio. She wasn't supposed to have gotten pregnant and surprise! Here she is at 44, pregnant and doing well. She's reached her 14th week.

Congrats! I'm sure all will be fine. :)


To the first poster with the picture..I'm 38..same story, wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant and now here I am at 12 wks and holding! So excited. Same issues where husband seems more willing to consider termination if child has Downs. I'm not. I don't even want the small risk of amnio and hubby has agreed with my decision to refuse it. Doing all the 'right' things possible and will rely on ultrasounds and blood tests to rule out any extreme abnormalities..but truth is that we both know we would not love a child any less if it had Downs. Lets all stay positive and send each other good energy.

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