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January 14, 2005



I love this post - we're all the same huh. Need to disect and enquire and stress until we for whatever reason feel that someone somewhere gave us a piece of advice or reassurance that clicked in place for us. And yes there will no doubt be something else to fill the paranoia void.

Keep that chap's number handy.

Big smooch and glad Monday's just around the corner.

B. Mare

Sending you calm soothing thoughts!


I'm so glad you got some reassurance! Don't husbands love it when we don't believe THEM, but then immediately believe some phone expert? :) Hope today went well.


Ha! Ha! I can relate to this. We were doing remodeling in a couple of rooms of our house when I was about 7 months along with my first son. We were doing a lot of painting and I didn't realize that the fumes could be dangerous until someone else I talked to mentioned that I probably shouldn't be doing that while I'm pregnant. After that the paranoia went way up and I called a nurse who told me that was true. Well, that left it up to my husband to all the painting and he was desperately trying to keep up. We went out and invested in a filter mask and made sure that I could not smell the paint fumes with it. After that I was able to help out and everythinbg worked out fine.

I could say get a heavy duty filter mask and keep it on hand if you're concerned you're going to be fumed! I'd love to see your husband's reaction when you put on that thing! :)


I know you wrote this over a year ago, but I am freaking out and your post is the only one I could find with any relevant information. I was a passenger in a car today that had a varnished/lacquered floor medallion in the back seat. I am only 6 weeks along and am scared because I breathed the fumes for the entire car ride. We drove for about an hour total, with stops about every 15 minutes. Is this going to be a problem? I am mostly worried because I was in a closed car and the newly lacquered floor medallion made the car smell heavily of paint fumes. I tried to hold my hand over my mouth and nose, but I couldn't breathe very well that way. Based upon what you were told by Mother Risk, do you remember if the harmful exposure was longer than an hour or not? Also, if I was not directly smelling the fumes, but was trapped in a car with fumes that were a few days old, would that be harmful?

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