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January 08, 2005



Those fly thing sound disgusting, bit of deer, tar and solvent - poor fish. But remember in about 18 months time the little sprite will be deep in it himself and at 4 the two of them will be sharing the hobby. For control freaks that's the hardest - letting the dad be a dad (and they do such stupid stupid stupid things with kids).

He probably feels shite for not being more sensible so of course he will downplay it to save his pride.

Its a tense time for both of you and there's likely to be some regular squabbling.


My hubby does silly things like tie flies too- luckily he'll limit them to the basement, but since we have no door to separate that area, I sometimes get a whiff of the stuff. I'm not a doc, but sensing the smell, leaving the area, and not sitting there trying to freebase on the aroma is probably just fine. It's impossible to avoid every solvent that comes by, but I completely understand your worry. It'll be really fun this spring when everyone starts chem-treating their lawns. I gag on that without extra hormones to boot.

You may also want to invest in a nice pointy pair of shoes for serious ass-kicking if hubby gets all snitty again :-)


I think the line between normal concern and abnormal anxiety is relative, depending on what you've been through. What might be abnormal anxiety for a fertile who has never had any trouble getting/staying pregnant is completely normal for an infertile who has faced a lot of heartbreaks and setbacks. The only way you wouldn't be at heightened alert right now is if you were a Stepford.


ahem ! is there any oxygen left over at your place cos we haven't heard from you for a while.


Chemicals like that don't belong inside, period. I say he can go outside on the porch or in the garage.

That said, I don't think 30s of exposure will do harm to you or the baby. But feel free to blame your husband every time your child doesn't get 100 on a test, or does something stupid :)

(Disclosure: my husband refuses to let me paint the nursery with latex paint, fans, and a mask, but has yet to rescue me from cleaning the bathroom with Tilex. Go figure.)


Thanks for your post regarding the paint thinner. I am an interior designer and am 6 weeks pregnant. I haven't yet told my clients I was pregnant. I went to one of thier houses yesterday and she called me in to see her bathroom vanity THAT SHE WAS STRIPPING WITH PAINT THINNER. I told her it looked great and tried to get as far a way from it as possible. I found your blog and it made me feel better. Thanks.

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