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November 16, 2004



I enjoyed your post, but then again I am someplace over in that heathen world.

BTW, I am much more an Andy Roddick fan than a Mandy Moore one, but I did think they made a cute power couple.

I did have one Masters level religion class in which the tenants of fundamentalism were discussed objectively, compared/contrasted. The basis of exclusionary behavior revolves around Jesus's words and philosophy, "Come follow me," and the lifestyle it encouraged.

Previous to that, Judiasm had been a family-oriented faith of close community. Jesus broke with that, telling people to separate from and reject their previous life, be clandestine, hide out in order to worship, follow his teachings at risk to life and limb.

Think about it. Christianity was for the adrenaline junkie, disaffected Jew.

Yes, I am very pragmatic.

(And folks, I don't mind at all if you disagree with me, but take it up with me on my blog please.)


I had my injection class on Friday, Nov 12th and started my injections with the Follistim Pen on the 13th. I thought the class was very informative and helpful and to be perfectly honest, I left feeling reassured that I could in fact give myself injections daily. I hope you have a good class like I did and good luck on this cycle.

I think cycling with Clomid and an hCG trigger prepared me for the possibility of using injectables and so far I've had no side effects, what a huge relief.

I'd love to hear more about what they're going to put you on and when you'll be starting!


Exactly. What gets to me lately is that "morality" has become a synonym for exclusion, bigotry and personal oppression. Who is defining morality here? And who says they have the right to own that word?

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