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November 29, 2004



So good to hear from you, this Thanksgiving things really seems to shut you all down.

Oh my goodness, how frightening to have injected air into your thigh and then have to be horrified and sad and in someone elses house. ((())) And I'm so sorry that DH is being a bit more of a little d than a big D. The IF bitch strikes. But yah on the follies and pulse and sore boobs.

Thinking about you lots and lots at the moment. x


That bitch Hope is back, huh? She's a devil, that one.

Oh, and the air bubbles... very funny story. Glad you made it to tell the tale. How brave to shoot up before T. dinner. Wow. I'm impressed. I bow to you!

My fingers are crossed for you, too...

B. Mare

Things to make you go hmmmm... Indeed. And, it would tie in with my new theory- I go on holiday and other people get pregnant! Will cautiously cross digits for you darlink.

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