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November 22, 2004



Hey girl. I'm so sorry that things are looking grim. x


Could it be possible that your body is even more fucked up than mine??? No, can't be. So sorry dahling, that sucks. Next time they will stim you differently, perhaps add some suppressent.


Whats going on here? Are they giving you drugs to stop ovulation like Lucrin or syneral?


I'm sorry. This sucks. Who's in charge of the universe here? Huh? I want some answers, knock it off and give us all babies, o.k.? The crack mothers can get back in line for more babies after we all get ours.



Lobster Girl, pop over to Tertia's for tea this morning. She's got this whole bun thing going and I think it will make you smile (just a little bit). x

B. Mare

Mmm. I have no concrete advice to give except it sounds like something is definitely out of whack on the meds side- that is, too much or not enough. Gee. Ack. Could I be more helpful? Of course you already know this! Well... how about some creepy internet hugs? I am good at those.


WTF?! That absolutely sucks. Can't one thing, just one thing go smoothly?! I'm sorry, LG.

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