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November 19, 2004



I know it's hard to believe, but it's really not as bad as you think. I remember getting that big box of drugs and syringes for my first IVF and being petrified. I haven't used the pen, but the needles for stims really aren't big. I've done all of the different types of injections myself (including the PIOs-ouch) and my husband has also given me the injections. I prefer when he does them (mostly for emotional support) but have found that I can do them myself if need be. You can totally do this. Good luck!


Hmmmm! Kinky if nothing else. You have my supreme admiration (no matter how big the needle).

beaver girl

My first shot was the same way! I was worried - almost to the point of tears and then the needle just slipped in. Congrats!!!!!


Congrats from me too!! I was really nervous until the class, then I felt totally relieved. I got my meds at the pharmacy where the class was held so it was all waiting for me at class-time. I wondered the same thing, how does anyone do this?

I think the three trigger shots my husband gave me while on Clomid were my big prep for giving myself the SubQ shots. I was kind of nervous the first time and my husband wanted to watch but he was busy and I wanted to get it over with.

Maybe you'll get really good at it, but I started on 75 which wasn't so bad, but now at 150IU you have to push for so long before you're done and I'm not very good at coordinating it myself, he usually helps by pushing the button. If you come up with any suggestions I'd love to hear them! :o)

Again, congrats on the shot!


like losing your virginity all over again.

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