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November 13, 2004



Let me be the first to say how sorry I am. You are so right; there should be a patent on infertility tears because they are distinctly different than your run of the mill tears.

Never have I experienced deeper disappointment than I have over the last two years. And I don't blame your husband for being angry. Is it so much to want an answer?

Good luck with the injectables. Take care, and have a few drinks before commencing with that granola plan.


I'm so sorry.


I am so sorry.


So sorry my friend.

And now for some assvice.

I am so cross with myself for wasting time with my injectible IUI cycles, I wish I had moved onto IVF sooner. I ended up needing a lot of stims and might as well have done IVF. Just something to think about.

Lots of love


I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry.

It sounds like there are also going to be some big changes ahead with the new treatments. Good luck with managing through the next steps and the intrusion it will mean in your worklife.

Sending lots of love to the both of you. x


I'm so sorry. I kind of agree with Tertia about injectibles. I found them a waste of time, FWIW.

Thinking of you.


beaver girl

I'm so sorry. That really sucks.


So sorry for your negative. That truly sucks.

Just a touch a wisdom I've learned on my own road with IF. Have they, by chance, done a complete, and I mean *really* complete sperm analysis? The reason I ask is that we had no explanation whatsoever for our failed Clomid/IUI cycles. Given the option to go with injectables+IUI or straight to IVF, we opted to pull out the big guns. IVF requires a lot more detailed testing for both people (which i didn't know) and in the process they determined that my hubby only had 7% normal swimmers. This was never determined for IUI. They saw that his count was very high, motility was good, and so they never bothered with morphology. Based on this, we not only did IVF, but we had to do ICSI to ensure fertilization. Today I am 12w pg. I am not trying to give assvice to say that "oh, if you do this too, it is *sure* to work", because I am not naive like that. However, you might want to make sure they've done all of the detail work before you make your stim/IUI versus IVF choice. Had we gone with the stim/IUI, I would more than likely have failed that too.

On the other hand, I have a friend who failed repeatedly with Clomid/IUI and is now preg with stim/IUI. There is no universal answer.

This is SO, your choice, but you know of course that we'll all be chiming in with our 2 cents worth (because we care). If you want to e-mail me about any of the testing, feel free. My e-mail is linked to my signature.

Best wishes to you.

B. Mare

Oh honey. I am so sorry. I hope whatever your next step may be, that it brings you good things. It's time for you to have a bit of luck and happiness, dammit. *tiny foot stomp*. In the meantime, I'm right here with you.


I'm so, so, so sorry. The negs. never get easier, do they? I think they get harder.

I'm glad you're considering IVF...glad you can look to the future. It can be a good diagnostic tool for finding out what can be wrong. We found out my husband's sperm cannot fertilize my eggs AT ALL. ICSI is now our only answer. (oh, goodie!)

Oh, and if you're going to go "healthy"... fuck the spinach... they make organic mac + cheese, girl!

Hang in there, sister.


I'm so sorry.


Thinking of you.

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