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November 06, 2004



I'm all for a birthday month :)

Happy Birthday!!!!


Happy Un-infertile Birthday!

Dead Bug

Ooooh! My birthday's just past--missed my chance for an un-infertile one. Grrr. Maybe I'll have an un-infertile Turkey Day instead. It can last as long as the leftovers.


Happy Birthday it sounds like you have some great treats lined up. x x x x x


Happy un-infertile berfday!

Wishing you lots of pampering and self-indulgent treats...can't wait for my own birthday week to roll around so I can follow your example!

Enjoy :-)

B. Mare

Happy Lobster Day! When is it? Or was it? Or is that a secret? Regardless, I hope you have a lovely time. With treats. *smooch*


I say lots of wine, sushi and a full-leaded Starbucks on the big day. And if you are really feeling frisky, how about an unpasteurized dairy product or two? Now THAT'S living the good life!
Good luck with your 2ww... I'm in that boat with ya, and it seems to be leaking.


Happy birthday, my favorite crustacean.

And yeah, I totally know what you mean about "uninfertile."



Happy B-day from one scorp to another!!!!

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