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October 04, 2004



Positive hope filled husbands can be nice, shows they care, but don't you just want to shoot them sometimes and tell them to take a whiff of reality??

This time, he was right, I was pregnant, but I was drinking just like you.

His big thing now, I won't miscarry. He's done that every time I get pregnant, you won't miscarry. And every time, boom, I miscarry, and I wonder, how can he be so friggen optomistic.

Oops, too much about me.

Well, here's to hoping nueteral turns into unbelievably happy soon!! :)


Neutral is not a horrible place to be, especially since they have wine over there.


I wouldn't worry too much about the drinking. Think of all those women in our parents and grandparents days that thought drinking actually helped them!! And we turned out okay...for the most part :)

My hubby's optimistic too...but I understand your fear. I feel it ever month we're's hard to let hope in. Sometimes though, when I'm not looking, she sneaks in and gets me. Of course, then I'm peeing on a stick at 8 dpo :)

Let her in a bit. Might make you feel a bit better for awhile.


I know what you mean about fighting Hope, it sure is exhausting. But you know what? Letting her in, if even just a foot or an arm, might be okay.

For my last cycle, I took a blase path after the IUIs--I drank, I went out of town, I relaxed, I just "was," if that makes sense. But I let Hope in--so in--and for once that bitch got it right. I'm not saying she was the reason (nope, I think that was the Gonal F and the fates smiling on us for once) but maybe she helped, I don't know.

So go on, make her acquaintance again. And know that we'll be here to kick her ass if she lets you down--but I'm hoping she won't.

Sending you love.


Were our husband seperated at birth?


Good luck with that IUI--I'm hoping for sperm and eggie to meet happily and divide away. My husband was really optimistic too, and then all of a sudden he stopped and it got really sad around here. That optimism is so sweet, and I hope it never leaves him.

Good luck again, sweetie. I'll be checking up on ya.

barren mare

Wine is good. So is forgetting. Think of it this way, if you're pregnant, you'll be that way even if you forgot to worry about whether you were or not.

I missed you so. It's good to be back.

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