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October 20, 2004



My libido was the very last thing that got beaten down by IF for me. I've got no advice here because I'm in the same boat.

Just thinking of you and sending you xxxxoooo


I have categorized sex into procreation sex and recreation sex. Since procreation sex in and around ovulation is, like you said, no longer necessary with IUIs we do not partake except on the night of the IUI. Unfortunately, recreation sex has become obsolete, much to my hubby's dismay. He has resorted to begging for a snuggle these days...and in all seriousness, it pains me that we're like this.

barren mare

Ah yes. I am sooo sick of the forced march of procreational intimacy.

As far as having fresh swimmers- I haven't had an IUI yet, but there was the timescales for the SA. In other words, sperm not older than 7 days but abstain for 3 before test. Or something like that. I told E. to get busy on his own to ensure his sample met the criteria. A bit harsh, perhaps, advising him to take care of business in that way with no input from me, but hey- I'm going to be having a lot worse done to me soon.

So I guess the question is- could DH, um, clear the decks on his own at the appropriate time so that the IUI swimmers were fresh and zingy?


Yes, I am like Barren Mare. I made sure my husband understood that God gave him two capable hands for a reason (not that he needed the reminder, I am sure).


I'm with Mare & hubby takes care of his own business if I can't handle it. However, there is a movie (not porn - not even close) called A Girl's Life that did get me into the mood once. Perhaps you could try that?? Just a suggestion.

Hope it works out...and that you get good spermies!


I hear ya, loud and clear. I have little to no interest in sex these days, probably because I'm not able to differentiate recreational sex from procreational sex (there's a difference? see, there I go again). Sex is sex to me and a reminder of how my body has failed me.

My doc's office wants hubby to have ejaculated no more than 2 to 3 days before the IUI, that way the swimmers are fresh. When I simply can't make myself 'want' to get busy in those days before the IUI to clear out his pipes, I've done what Mare and Julie said--have him take matters into his own hands. And, since my doc's office does two IUIs on consecutive days, he can't ejaculate on the night between the two--allows the numbers to build back up for round 2.

That's my .02 worth, hope it helps.


Well, I haven't taken any chances with the sperm. So even if I don't really feel like it we've had sex to make sure the sperm is not too old. But it does get to DH somewhat, too. The last time was when I came home from an u/s and told him there are about 20 good sized follies, now let's get busy and empty the old sperm. Then afterwards he told me 20 follies was a scary thought. Yeah, I knew I had not taken my HCG shot yet, so those follies were not going to release their eggs yet and the doc would be there to collect them. But I have to admit, getting pg with 20 babies WOULD be freaky.


Oh, yes. We've only done Clomid/Metormin/assigned intercourse so far. And my libido sucks -- homework sucks, even when it's sex homework. I've noticed that even my husband's libido sucks when it's time. He'll somehow get sick, or have a really long day at work the day I have a surge. Argh!


I had said on one of my entries, I feel like I am raping my husband one week a month asking him to perform (dance monkey dance!) and then the rest of the month my desire takes a nose dive. Sigh.


I have so been there. Yuck. Attempting to be sincere in your interest, when really it's all about babies, babies, babies.


I have so been there. Yuck. Attempting to be sincere in your interest, when really it's all about babies, babies, babies.


I have so been there. Yuck. Attempting to be sincere in your interest, when really it's all about babies, babies, babies.


Sex is purely recreational for me. My libido is down as I feel like a whale next to DH in bed (Serono should coupele IVF drugs with weight loss drugs if they really want to see thier share price soar) so I really need to be charmed my DH to put out.

And sex for procreation? Ooooh ick! ;-)


Wow. I really feel you... It's awful! No one EVER told me that sex was going to be like this...


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