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October 31, 2004



I'm there too...I understand. Hopefully this is the one. Wishing you good luck (and lots of fun with the prescription!!)


Wishing you luck and hope this cycle is your magical 'one'.

Thinking of you.


I wondered whether you were spending time in your cave so I didn't want to bother you. But I have been religiously checking your page (a couple of times a day). So, yes I'm right here interested in whats happening - whether that means your statistics or your feelings or your doctors prescription or just idle ramblings. Sending you lots of love for the next battle round.


My ultrasound on Friday revealed only a sad 17mm follicle so we are using guess-work on the trigger. I hope your IUI works and can't wait to follow your two-week-wait and see if it did. We triggered last night so we'll have to wait and see.

Tragic that the guy at the pharmacy did that. What the hell? It's like hello, have you ever heard of the HIPAA privacy acts?? Moron!! As though it's not bad enough you are subjected to the drugs anyway, but to have someone yelling it to the world. Sheesh!

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