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September 17, 2004



Seems like a lot of us are taking biblical themes lately, huh?

Thanks for the wonderful laugh. I have no good advice for you. I took progesterone to get my last period - NOTHING. Not even spotting. The RE had NO CLUE why I wasn't bleeding. Supposedly, there's some sort of shot - P4? that is supposed to bring that baby on - but who knows.

I hope the rapture comes for you and that you need lots of pads :)

barren mare

Mmm. Maybe your period has eloped to Peru, or similar. Then again, full flow, that sounds like a backwoods town in rural West Virginia. Y'all, I'm a-headin to F-ah-ulll F-uh-low.

I hope it turns up soon, I do, oh I do.



Maybe you should go horseback riding or swimming... girls on the tampon commercials are always doing those things... Maybe it is a cause and effect.

When it comes let us know and we will throw you a Princess Menses party!


Classic. No flow but glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humour or great talent for writing.

I have vague memories of a deep-south preacher lamenting easter saying "it's Friiiiiiday, oh it's Friiiiiday - but Sunday, is a'coming"

x x x


Not sure who I hate more, AF or Provera. Little fuckers like nothing more than fucking with your mind.



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