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September 25, 2004



Fingers crossed for you tomorrow!

Babies coming from sex IS a myth, catheters are the way to go.

Good luck.



I hate the Unknown Period. Sucks to it.

I am sending you all positive vibes I own...


Good make me laugh :)


Wow, roller coaster ride. crossing fingers and toes. And a big bouquet to Nurse J.


Jeez... when you talked of peeing on a stick I thought you were pregnant for 2 paragraphs!!!! (I got so excited I actually missed the word "OVULATE" and went to "almost as dark as the control line!")

To much excitement before my 1st cup of coffee!

Good luck at the clinic this week!


I have the same problem with those damn OPK sticks -- I never know what the hell is going on.

By the way, what is this "sex" that you speak of?

Good luck -- I hope the window is still ahead of you!

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