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September 10, 2004



Wouldn't you know it, you bend over to pick up the soap, and Hope sneaks up behind you.

Are there any other prison metaphors we should beware of?


Hope! Yay!

I'm so glad you saw her--it's nice to see her once in a while. Good for you!

And i hope she stays around, and gives you what you want so much. Good luck with the provera, and the clomid.


I chased Hope away and told her to go to you, glad she did.

I think second wedding anniversaries are cotton (traditional), umm, I think the thing you pee on for the HPT is made of some kind of's hoping for the best wedding present ever.


Grab that bar of soap and ride that slippery ride of hope...oh that sounded a little sexual..although that would be useful here as well. So yeah take both rides ;)

I sound ridiculous ..this is what happens when I comment at 2 in the morning.....


You are a LOBSTER. I'm going to make a gorgeous big homely sign for your door.

Throw caution - throw the badstard for all you have. I salute you. I worship you (sod off Sarah).


I also recently found Hope again! Nice isn't it?

barren mare

Is there anything interesting behind Door Number Three? Is there a door number three? Does it involve men in leather and shackles? Ooops, prison imagery again. Down, girl. Hee.

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