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September 22, 2004



Hey, I wish you could have mine! I've been on it for 2 whole frickin weeks now and it's not letting up! I KNOW for a fact that I did not ovulate (otherwise, I would have a little bean in me by now) so I don't understand why the need for all this crazy bleeding.

Anyhoo, I hope you get yours soon since I can't pass mine on to you. I'm so sick of getting these stupid periods if they're not doing any good for me (i.e. make me fucking fertile). They can stop forever for all I care. Sorry to be so bitter. Long, nasty periods do this to me.


Sounds v. frustrating. Are nurse J and Dr C giving any useful input?


Forget all the medical stuff about periods and ovulating... I think you should test! Maybe it is the miracle you have been waiting for.

Then again... I am a pregnancy test whore....


I sometimes wonder if I will one day find a giant recall notice in the paper for all the drugs I have been taking. For example, the FSH drug I take has to be kept refrigerated but is sure as shit doesnt arrive at the clinic in a refrigerated truck. Since you period hasn't arrived perhaps the provera was crap. Not meaning to alarm you but who's t say it didnt sit on the tarmac at the airport at >40oC for the weekend.


I don't know if you remember, but I had the same problem - never got it after provera. I'd call the RE and let him know that it's crappy stuff - it didn't work - and you need the shot to get you to get it.

B/c you're right - without you ovulating - no child. And it's about time you got one!


What a mindf*ck. When you don't want that period, it won't leave you alone. When you want said period, it's nowhere to be found. I think Emily from Scrambled Eggs once compared this to a bad relationship -- ain't it the truth!

Argh -- hope it shows up soon so you can get on with the reproducin'.

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