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September 29, 2004



Lucky you're being a lobster about this and going with the flow (or spot). I guess holding thumbs won't do any harm so here's me crossing them for you.


Calming effect, indeed! So calming that I always make sure I tell hubby that I'm taking it. So that he knows that I can start yelling or sobbing with little or no reason. I bet that guy has never actually dealt with a woman on progesterone!


As if a male would know if progestrone has a calming effect. Personally progestrone makes me constipated, irritable, sleepy (because of insomnia bought on by obsession with if the suppositories have absorbed yet) and down right glum.

Pharmacist - Believe what you want buddy boy.


I can see you stepping over him bloody beaten body and exiting the drugstore muttering "calmingcalmingcalming" as you head home.

too funny.


Tee hee, thanks for the giggle. Loved the alternate scenarios--too bad not one of them was real. That would have been great--though your actual response was pretty darn good too. Too bad the asshat JUST DIDN'T GET IT. *Sigh, they never do....*


Bwahahahahaha. That was hilarious. Thanks for the smile.


Did you ever have Opposite Day when you were a kid? Clearly, this is Opposite Cycle. No surge=surge? Progesterone=calming? In the spirit of Opposite Cycle, I'm wishing you a very UnPregnant result. :)

Anna H.

Yes, I suppose you could call not being able to get out of bed because of progestrerone-induced despondancy 'calming' -- I mean, you're lying down, right?

Maybe the pharmacy guy's right and we've just been using the wrong 'language' all this time!


I'm with Joanne on this one -- may your Opposite Cycle continue, with wonderful results...



yeah, right. Calming. Tell him you'll come back next week and kick his ass and then he can see for himself how calming it is.


Calming effect my ass.

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