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September 03, 2004



I can completely relate. I launched in on my hubby last night for not cleaning the sink in the bathroom the way I like, for leaving the dog food can on the counter after feeding the dogs, and for just being a completely insensitive idiot in my time of need. That about covered it. Whew! I also just finished the Clomid/IUI route, never to return. I think the lingering effects of clomid last until good ol' PMS time. So I'm moving onto injectables this next cycle... maybe less Sybillness.


Of man, how screwed am I? I'm like that and I've never taken Provera. But I'm also further along in the process, the part where I'm slowly starting to realize it ain't in the cards for me.

Sending you lots of luck and hope that you get your baby soon.

barren mare

One day, E.'s pathological inability to put stuff in the dishwasher will become a blog topic. By the dishwasher, he can manage that. In the sink, yes. In the actual THING THAT WASHES THE DAMN DISHES, not a hope in hell.

Honey, you are not an asshole. You really are not. And as far as being an object of pity, I have come to realise that people are too obsessed with themselves to pity me much, so I've given up worrying about it much. Still casual pity bites too, and when the pity overlaps with care & concern that it get all messy, doesn't it. *sigh*


Yes, yes, and yes.

I am you, my dear. Let's be messes together, and let our damn husbands take care of the flippin house for once. And I'm tired of sucking it up, I'm so tired of it. Today a coworker changed her baby on the TABLE I EAT ON.

Anyway. There you go. Much love to you.


Wow. I can only hope that I won't need Provera, because I am bitchy already, and my husband DOES do the dishes and he DOES do most of the laundry. Poor guy. And..I don't try to suck it up anymore, I have perfected the art of avoidance. Takes diligence really...a practiced hand...


I fit the other shoe - the one where obsessive-compuslive DH rants about how messy/lazy/disinterested I am about housework and I bark back "Fuck off blah blah blah". I was grouchy a long time before provera.

By the way, AF arrived today, 3 days after stopping Provera.


Yes, you bitch glad I'm across the ocean from you.

But it's dejavu re: Tertia. She has said the same things over and over - especially the don't pity me part.

Hang onto that belief in beating the odds, babe - I'm believing it with you !


Do not feel like the lone ranger. I am a total crabby bitch. My husband can rarely do anything right and I nag too much. My meaness started after clomid and still has not gone away...Geesh!

I so desperately want people to understand what we are going through however the minute they act as if they feel sorry for me I get all funny feeling. I like how you described it..itchy. I guess people cannot win around me.

I hope things go better for you.


Ah yes, I could have written your post. I hate that people pity me, HATE it. I fight tooth and nail to avoid it.

And dont worry about being a bitch, you can't be good at EVERY THING.


No pity from this direction -- just admiration for what a kick-ass, funny woman you are in the midst of all this crap.

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