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August 11, 2004


barren mare

Hi Slim-Line Cervixed one. I know I shouldn't laugh but between special speculums and narrow cervixes (or should that be cervae?), it's amazing, the oddities of our bods. Sounds like a job for Google U. Tell us what you fnd out! And I hope you feel back to normal soon.


Yes, definitely tell us what you find out. You brough up some really good questions and I am eager to hear the answers!!


Your lap experience sounds v similar to mine, I too had the mild endo (removed) and the petite cervix. The only petite thing about me. I had a dilation and transfers were a breeze after that. V glad I had it done. Shout if you wanna know more.



Glad to hear you now have some insight into that mysterious uterus of yours - knowledge is power (isn't it). In between all that googling you should check out T's site for pinups of her crooked cervix - it bodes well for you my dear ! Sending you a big bunch of flowers, lots of love and some peaceful sleep.


Thank you so much for your posts. Especially this last one. I am scheduled for my lap in a few weeks, and am of course scared crapless and sound like I am having simliar dreams to yours. Keeping you in my thoughts and thank you.


I'm glad you're out and on the pain meds like a good girl.

Don't worry about the endo - it's gone now that they treated it.

As for the cervix, I hope the dilation was enough to... well, fix it. Don't let your infoholic witch go too crazy on the internet. She's an indescriminate bitch.

Can they remove the fibroid through a hysteroscopy?

lobster girl

Julia: She removed the fibroid during the lap, actually. So that's taken care of at least.

Sit, infoholic witch, sit. Jeez. She doesn't mind me at all anymore. She used to be such a good pet.


Glad they got rid of the lap and the fibroid. Now you have a shiny pretty uterus : )
Have no idea what the narrw cervix means are very dainty?
Happy it's over and you're feeling reasonably well. Hope this is the beginning of better things for you.


Um, I don't want to be Captain Bringdown, here, but Endometriosis is not generally something that is gone with one lap.

That's kind of why they call it incurable.

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