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August 21, 2004



Don't you know why folks say you won't get knocked up til vacation time? It's cuz your sex drive took mine and headed for the Caribbean. They are snorkeling around, pointing at the pretty little blue fish getting a nice bronzy tan.


Me, too! Mine's up and left me a long time ago. My poor husband has had to use the line, "C'mon. I just want to make some babies! PLEASE! I'm only trying to get you pregnant!" The first few times, I would jump up and get excited (even though it wasn't the right time of the month), but I quickly realized "It hasn't worked for the past four fucking years, I'm not buying that anymore." The poor thing! Most of the time, I just participate to satisfy him. I've been too depressed to think about his manly needs. I honestly don't think my sex drive plans on returning ... at least not soon anyway. Anyone got an extra one I can borrow?


For what it's worth, I have a suggestion. Two nights ago I stood out in the rain, for fun, for the first time in years. I went out on our patio and just let the sky rain on me. It wasn't at all cold...and it surprised me by turning out to be kind of titillating. It's something different, anyway...


Crap, I included assvice - /assvice tags, but they didn't show up. Oh well, I hope it didn't come off that way.

barren mare

I need coochy? Mmmm, that sure would get me in the mood. Babee. I'm sure the sex drive will return in due course, hopefully refreshed from its little holiday and ready for ACTION!


Sex drive, I'm sure I had one at one point too, way back before we ever got married. Ah, the good old days of ignorance and bliss...

My mind thinks about sex a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. Unfortunately, my body couldn't give a hoot. I have heard of this ECWM, but haven't experienced it since I was in my early 20's. Which is a tres bad sign, no? Although I do need The Long Speculum(tm), so maybe it's really that I just have short fingers. Yeah, short fingers, that's it.

Hey, you know the old nut that men think about sex something like every 6 seconds? Well, it turns out that women think about their hair 47 times a minute, and sex, well, I can't remember the sex part, but maybe in the mid-30s per minute? At first I scoffed, but when I thought about it, I was like, damn, that is sooo true.

Which doesn't have much to do with your post, but, ya know. Would watching/reading NC17 help at all? I highly recommend fanfic to get the juices flowing. So to speak.


I think there's a sex drive party going on somewhere, cuz mine's gone too. Maybe they're having a convention? Sitting around together swapping sex stories over dacquiri's? If they all learn something and return to us revivied and with lots of new ideas, then I suppose the absence is ok. I just wish mine would stop using the mini-bar in the hotel room. Those things are freakin' expensive!


Mine went off a cliff a few months ago. It's dead and gone, not even on vacation. Why is that? Why did my drive up and die? Hmmm, is it the sheer bloat of my body that turns even me off? My charming Sybil-esque personality? Or perhaps my constant progesterone oozing that gives me that "special" womanly feeling? Or, maybe, just maybe, it's the fact that my cervix is the size of a small ripe watermelon? So many turn ons, so little time.

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