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August 24, 2004



Ah, yes- "Are You There God It's Me Margaret?" That brings back memories.

Sorry your mom was wrong.


"Are you there God..." ditto. Curious how I've spent a lot of period-related time asking that same question.
Your mom's comment was just...oh, no words for it.


ah yes, I remember the sex ed introductory pack of pads from Johnson and Johnson or something. And promptly turned the ever so fancy brand new Always pads into Barbie loungers. Magic marker and all.


I also started when I was eleven and I had my own copy of “are you there God it’s me Margaret”. My mom also gave me a pamphlet that her mom had given her, it was quite funny showing how to use the BELTS to clip your pads on. Thank god I was born in the days of tampons and self stick pads! I still have that pamphlet tucked away somewhere, I always thought it would be funny to show it to my own daughter when she came of age…. Damn now if I could only have that daughter.


Oh, I haven't heard about that book in years...brought back memories of my childhood.

My mother was old fashioned and wouldn't let me wear tampons and I had to wear those old pads with belts, just like Sanorah. I think my mother was afraid I wouldn't be a 'virgin' if I used a tampon. That was the least of the issues I would have with my period, as we sit here now. I remember seeing my mother buy pads and telling her I'm glad I wouldn't need them (this was prior to understanding where the birds and bees came from) and she insisted I would, and I insisted I wouldn't. Since she had three kids and I can't have any and my period is barely there and doesn't usually need a pad on some months, guess I was the one right. How I wished I wasn't.

And it wasn't my mother who said the assinine thing to me, but my father. I actually got the 'You're a woman now speech'. Well, what am I now since I obviously can't do the one thing I was designed to do?



I started mine when I was 11 too.


I think we need a Judy-Blume-type book about infertility -- how about it? It would be a best-seller!


Ok, I want to say something, so its about me, and if thats not ok, go away and don't read it. I started my period at NINE!!! I was a freak. middle of the night, woke up, went potty, blood everywhere. Went to get my mom, who was sleeping on the couch since I had a friend over(yes, we shared a bed) tied to wake her up, saying, mom, I'm bleeding, I'm bleeding. Her response was "I won't let the bear get you, I promise." Guess she was having a weird dream.

Love the book too, I read all of Judy Blume's books.

barren mare

I was 11, too. I was on a camping trip, it was freezing, and I had those big pads, the kind that slip and the mess goes everywhere. Ah, memories. Sweet sweet memories.

I love the pic on the cover of AYTGIMM- or at least the one I remember. How DID her hair get so bouncy?


I don't remember the age I started, but I do remember my mom telling me that once I started my period I had to be careful who I kissed or I would end up pregnant. Until I learned what actually makes you get pregnant, I wouldn't even kiss my dad.

Ok, on second thought, maybe I still don't know what gets you pregnant since I can't seem to get there.


I was also eleven - and I remember franticaly pumping my arms. Sigh. Such memories. However, the day I started for the first time, I had spent all night up watching the adaptation of Stephen King's book Carrie (obviously which was not allowed). Talk about freaked out. YIKES!


I was 13. I loved Judy.

I'm sorry you're spotting, and I'm sorry your mom was wrong. Usually we have to be sorry our moms were right. *Sigh.*


I was 11, too. And my whole family was at the beach, my first time at the beach in years. No tampons then for me. So, I couldn't go in the ocean. The other kids just thought I was being stupid.
Mom says I acted all mature about it, but I remember being so scared!

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