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August 07, 2004


barren mare

Hell yeah. I was in a relationship for 4 years- no protection most of the time. Never pregnant. I know of what you speak!


God, I'm with you. Thirty-four, have not always been completely careful, Never Been Pregnant, used to think I had been lucky.

I'm sorry, friend - this blows, to say the least.


Yeah, I can relate to that astounding fear. I realized not long after we started trying that during the first two years of our marriage (when we didn't want to get pregnant), that I NEVER EVER had an accidental pregnancy. If I was fertile, I should've had a couple because I wasn't on any birth control pills. We only stuck with condoms occasionally and the good ole withdrawal method most of the time. Now, I'm really scared that my problem is much larger than I believe it to be. I hope to God that it isn't and an IUI or IVF can fix it.


Add me to the list of never ever been pregnant and probably should have been at some point over the years. All that stupid wasted stress for the 2ww's fearing a pregnancy in my younger days...what a joke. Guess that doesn't bode well for my upcoming IVF.

Jen P

When I met my RE, his first question was whether or not my partner and I had been having unprotected sex throughout our relationship. I said that I stopped bcp 11 months into our relationship and we did not use condoms. He wrote down on the chart: 3 years+ unprotected sex, no preg...infertile.

And that was before the lap, before the pcos diagnosis, before it all. I too thought I was 'lucky'. I'm hoping it was just a fluke, for everyone and that this sort of history doesn't mean anything more than just that pregnancy wasn't achieved at that time. That's what lets me get to sleep at night.


Never been pregnant either. I often wonder how long I've been infertile, how long my eggs have been bad. Did I miss a window of opportunity? It sucks. It just sucks.


Same here. My Mom asked me a similar question last year. She just couldn't believe that I'd never been "accidentally" pregnant. After all, my sister was accidentally pregnant three times in her 20's and then once in her 30's when she really wanted to be,with my niece. I always knew I had problems. Knew about the endo before it was officially diagnosed, had a dermoid on my ovary removed at 19. Regardless of the fact that I knew I wouldn't have an easy time conceiving, I still am amazed that I never got pregnant. Now I'm 35, and about to do IVF#2 and can't help but wonder if I should have/could have done something to prevent getting to this place?


I took depo-provera in my late teens, when i was almost twenty. I'd never taken B/C before, and I'd messed aroud with the boys durring my hs years. I'd NEVER gotten pregnant, durring those early years and for that i considered myself lucky. I only took one injection of the depo, and decided not to go back for my second shot due to, emotional irrability(i turned into such a bitch), and bloating and constand bleeding combined with no want for sex. yep real effective b/c, turnes you into an unsexy monster. I now am in my mid twenties(should be firtle as hell, but i'm not). and after about 4 years of not having a period, underneath all that goo is a large mass that i'm going to have removed, then maybe just maybe, i can get pregnant.
It's insaine when my best friend got pregnant on b/c in her teens, had an abortion, then again whent on b/c and got pregnant with her first daughter, then again she got pregnant with her second, had a m/c, then had her last baby a boy. It sucks when the doctors won't listen to you but you know inside that there is something wrong with your womb and the doctors are to stupid(or the HMO's say it's to costly), to put your symptoms together to give you a reason why for your infertillity. I know have a compatent GYN who has treated me now for a year, and with careful evaluation of my S&S i now finally might have an answer to my failure to get pregnant.
Ladies, take careful and knowledgeable resposibility for your reproductive health, and if your current MD will not do further testing to evaluate your symptoms find a second oppion, B/C should never be given as an answer to dysfunctional uterine bleeding before all causes are ruled out.

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