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August 09, 2004



I'm no good with dreams - but I know that this blogging is helping you, helping by sharing, helping by venting, helping by verbalising, helping by seeing out likeminded women who can comfort/cheer or console. I hope it is not such tragic news but - whatever they tell you we'll be here for you waiting and listening. A bit of a deep quote but here it is "Alone we often feel anxious, our thoughts cloudy, sensing uncertainly about our worth or status. But when we're with someone who is paying attention, listening to what we have to say with deference, we feel empowered, ever buoyant. Thoughts seem to flow easily and we reach a sense of clarity about who we are. This is the feeling that entices and motivates us." Celestine Prophecy


Hope everything goes well.
Sometimes I think it's the subcounscious' duty to over-prepare us for the unlikely worst.
Wishing you luck, and keep us posted.


Sounds like subconcious fear. It's just a dream. It will be o.k.


Yeah, I agree with the other girls - it's just a subconsious fear. Many of us share the same or similar dream/nightmare that there might be something REALLY wrong with us and we'll never ever be able to conceive (esp. those of us with unexplained infertility - we tend to dwell on this suspicion and it only makes sense to.)

But don't worry too much about it - I don't think the doc will find anything that horrible with you. I hope the surgery goes well and you get to feeling better soon.

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