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August 27, 2004



It seems that every period is unlike the last one I had, making them impossible to tell what's 'normal' or not. Since I can't seem to make babies, I guess my answer is I'm not normal, but that's a whole 'nother story ;)

Better to have gone for the u/s, I wouldn't have done anything different. And think, how you know what a uterus looks like a day before a period, I've always wondered.

Have a nice weekend.


Sounds like we're on a very similar treatment plan. I hate the IUI, too. Next month I move on to follistim pen/IUI. Groovy.
Good luck with your period.... and here's to another cycle. YAY!


Hidden amidst all the bloody talk I spotted "semi-good chance that we could have better luck". Conservatively delighted that you're making some progress - painful and painfully slow as it may seem.

barren mare

That AF bitch. Never there when you want her, always there when you don't. But on the whole, it does sound semi-positive, no? Yes. This is good.


I hate the AF tease. Just fucks with your mind.


Shroud of Turin - oh my that was fantastic. Horrible that I can't give you definitive answers about what's going on - but wow are you entertaining.

That said, my period seems to be getting stranger and stranger with every passing month...

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