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July 07, 2004


barren mare

Firstly, you are so freakin funny I nearly wet myself in sympathy. Secondly, I'm glad you did the OPK. A little control freakery comes in handy at times like these, n'est ce pas? Thirdly, good luck with IUI- keep us posted!

beaver girl

This is what I was worried about this cycle - that I would ovulate before the IUI. I am really glad you used the OPK. Sometimes I think RE's don't pay enough attention to IUI cycles because they think of it as remedial ART. Good luck tomorrow!


Ah, a girl after my own bladder. :p


When I did Clomid and IUI they had me use the OPKs from day 10 till I surged (pills days 5-9). I'm surprised your doc doesn't do that. Of course, my doc didn't do a trigger shot, so who knows?

We'll be here during the dreaded 2ww after you have good lovin' with the catheter. Swim, little boys, swim!


Further reason why we need to be our own doctors, all the time.

Go spermies and eggies go! Meet in beauteaous womblove and divide, divide away!

In other words, good luck, sweetcheeks!

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