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July 06, 2004



LG, how the heck did you get inside my brain? I was definitely of the mindset of doing everything oh-so-carefully as we began trying. No drinking (I actually don't drink much, but the occasional wine or good beer is nice), no artificial sweeteners, and no caffeine (the last one about killed me). I waned a bit as I kept getting my period every month, and then I went right back to being good as we began fertility treatments.

Well, I'm off the "Mother Teresa" wagon again, although I suppose I'll be good when we start IVF (if we can get there, another saga in itself...). But right now, even though there is always the remote possiblity that something in the cosmos will align and I'll get knocked up all on my own (we have unexplained IF), I'm having my drink with dinner, I'm eating whatever cheese I like, and I'm having my coffee. And until my period goes missing, I'll continue to do so. It's bad enough to be infertile, do we really have to add deprivation on top of everything? Sorry for the really hit a chord. We're all so stressed from this and then we have to be restrictive. It just sucks.


I was a 'nun' when it came to eating habits and swore off everything and then the bfn's kept piling up.

I'm good most days, but now, before I pee on a stick, I make a ritual out of it -- I buy something that I'm forbiden and make sure it's something really bad like a hostess cupcake and then I pee on the stick, eat my cupcake and feel no guilt because, um, like what? That bfn will then suddenly change to a bfp? I think not. I'm most careful during the ovulation phase, but during the luteal phase when it's obvious it ain't working (again), I just don't have the tolerance to deny myself everything. It's like a hell no one can understand unless you've been there.

beaver girl

Amazing post - exactly what I struggle with.

I have a friend who when she was pregnant her OB told her she could have a glass of wine everyday if she wanted. Almost enough to make me want to pick him as my OB, oh but wait, I don't need an OB.


thank you, thank you, bless you

wine for you, beer for me, well, more like mikes hard lemonade, cranberry flavored at the moment.
its summer and im drinkin away, alcohol and caffeinated beverages included, once stims start for IVF #1 i'll swear off but im beginning to think that nothing i do is gonna have an effect, either in a positive or negative way, unexplained IF is a real bitch and drinkin at the end of the day sure helps some, sometimes


You guys could possibly be my long lost BEST friends...I'm smack dab in the middle of my 2ww after my 5th IUI, I've been so amazingly good (for me). I'm pretty much a glass of a good cabernet with dinner kind of gal, but 2nights before the IUI I started gagging down non-alcoholic beverages with my dinner (yeah I know sucks right?)well my husband and I just went up north and stopped at the tax free liquor store and restocked our wine cooler with all kinds of tasty, juicy,just the right temp. red vinhos!!! I'm almost to the last sip of a glass of delicious merlot. Beta on Sat. wish me luck!


I'm so with you guys! I'm English and if you so much as mention a craving for the red (or white) stuff during your ttc time, you get fingers wagging and people tutting like you've announced you're going to sell your baby or something! we've been ttc for about 5 mths now and I too jumped on the abstinence band wagon at the start, but then I kept reading about people who'd got pg on drunken one night stands or at xmas parties etc (basically lots of alcohol-fuelled occasions). So it occurred to me that people DO manage to conceive whilst doing all the wrong stuff. I just have to walk down my road to see teenage mums with cigaretts hanging out of their mouths and cream cakes in their hands, pushing a buggy to the off licence (liquor store for you guys!) to make me realise that THEY manage to get pregnant without even trying (and sadly, without even wanting to probably...).

So I say go for it! I'm on day 5 of my 2ww and have a large glass of shiraz keeping me company beside my computer. i tell my man to lay off just before bd-ing incase it affects his "little men", but i don't see the harm in indulging up until 7-1o dpo, when i might be implanting. for me, this will be tues through fri so i have just tomorrow night left to enjoy the vino ;-)

So remember - if alcohol was really a infertility inducer, how come so many babies are conceived when the parents are pissed...?!!

neat x

oakley frogskins

So mostly I abstained, as a matter of good faith if nothing else. And certainly there was no wine to be had in the last few days of the eternal 2ww, when I lived cleaner than Mother Theresa herself.

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