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June 09, 2004



We're in South Africa so the time zones are all cockeyed. Been thinking about you and your catheter all day - hoping you got knocked up good and solid. Pity they can't do these things on the back seat of a wagon just for added luck. I'll be refreshing tonight to hear how it went.


Not to contribute to your obsession, but... I used to keep the OPKs, label them according to the cycle day and am/pm, then compare them to see any relative darkening. (I had the cheapie, order-in-bulk strip kinds.)

You do know that you could have caught the surge just right and it was done surging by the time you took the second one, right?

lobster girl

eM: Thanks for thinking of me. I'm off to the doc's this morning. My stirrups await.

Julia: OMG, a girl after my own heart. I'm an obsessive labeling, color-coder, kind of chic myself. But I'm not sure I should be spending any more time with my OPK's than I already am. "Put the lid down slowly and walk AWAY from the OPKs."

Yeah, maybe I caught my surge just right. That's just what I needed to hear. *sigh of relief* You just made me feel a little better. thanks!


Hi. Just wanted to say that I have loved reading your blog so far. I know you just got this started but there wasn't much in your intro. What are your ages, do you have any pets, what do you do for a living, do you have an email address that you can post here? I'm not trying to stalk you or anything. It's just cool to know a little bit more about this person I am reading about. All the other gals have a good amount of info. Some even have pictures. It makes it all real. Well, keep writing. You know I'll be a longtime reader (until you get pg, of course, then I'll hate you). :-)


hey this is the most fuckin funniest thing ever and i cant help but read well buh bye

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