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A year and a half after we first began trying to conceive a baby, I am pregnant. My official diagnosis was unexplained infertility, which is the most unsatisfying thing I've ever heard. How can the explanation be unexplained? Isn't that self-contradictory?

In our quest to procreate, I have had one HSG; 1 laparoscopy; lots of bloodwork; five unmedicated IUI's; two Clomid/IUIs; and one injectables IUI. That's the one that took.

Infertility dominated my life for many months, so it's both strange and wonderful to now be pregnant. In spite of all my fears, I've somehow managed to make it this far. This blog will help me chart the rest of the journey, at the end of which will be -- hopefully -- a healthy baby. And that, dear internet, would literally be a dream come true.